Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catholicism tells its own story

After decades of crippling itself with self-inflicted wounds--from the liberal anti-Catholic Catholics and from the clerical abuse scandals--the Catholic Church needs desperately to tell its own story, with humility but without compromising its truth and the world-historic revolutionary challenge it represents. (On the latter, see Atheist Delusions by non-Catholic theologian David Bentley Hart.) Fr. Barron takes up the challenge of the New Evangelization called for by both JPII and B16 (echoing the charge given to his Church by Jesus two millennia ago) in what looks to be a magnificent documentary series, coming next Fall.

It tells a story without which culture and civilization, art and architecture, Dante and Shakespeare, human and civil rights, equality and democracy are largely unintelligible, especially (but not only) in the West.

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