Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fr. Barron Comments on Anne Rice's Leaving Christianity

Fr. Barron posted these charitable and penetrating comments last August in response to Anne Rice's announcement that she was leaving Christianity. In light of Rice's continued denunciations of the Church, its leaders, and the Magisterium, on her Facebook page and elsewhere, it is still very apposite.

The clip prompted several interesting comments, including the following question from Kell Brigan:
Hm, yeah, but... Is it better to consider oneself a Catholic, but then to continually advocate for ideas directly contrary to Church teaching (i.e. Pelosi on abortion, Colbert on same-sex marriage), or to be an honest "heretic" and leave Catholicism specifically because one wants to do politics in opposition to the Magisterium. At least Rice is being honest, which is more than I can personally say for either Pelosi or Colbert, et al.
To which list of unfaithful or anti-Catholic Catholics we might add the National Catholic Reporter (always excepting the good work of John Allen who unaccountably still writes for them), which continues to use the word Catholic in its title. I have tried reading it from cover to cover (metaphorically speaking, since I read the online edition), found many reasons to oppose or leave the Catholic Church but almost none to encourage, support, or inform me in my faith. With such friends....

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