Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who will sue over Same Sex OWS Tents

Elizabeth Scalia has a sharp eye for the absurdities, hypocrisies, and class nature both of the OWS movement and of the media's double-standards (except for the NY Post) bending-over-backwards sympathetic coverage of it. Here is a sample from her The Anchoress blog. 

Nov 6th, 2011 by Elizabeth Scalia
Sexual assaults and rapes are apparently so numerous at Zuccotti Park in the New York “occupation” that the occupiers are installing single-sex tents:
It’s a safe house from the sex fiends.
Zuccotti Park has become so overrun by sexual predators attacking women in the night that organizers felt compelled to set up a female-only sleeping tent yesterday to keep the sickos away.
The large, metal-framed “safety tent” — which will be guarded by an all-female patrol — can accommodate as many as 18 people and will be used during the day for women-only meetings, said Occupy Wall Street organizers.
“This is all about safety in numbers,” said Becky Wartell, 24, a protester from Portland, Maine.
You’ll want to read the whole story. One woman was groped after trustingly accepting a man’s offer to sleep in his tent. Are we raising a generation of absolute naifs?
On this issue of single-sex tents, I think a more immediate concern might be: when does the sex discrimination suit kick in?
As Kamilla Ludwig, (a feisty lady whom I don’t really know, sorry) tweeted:
“…isn’t CUA getting sued for returning to single-sex dorms?”
Why yes indeed, Kamilla Ludwig, yes Catholic University of America is being sued for sex discrimination because it is returning to single sex dorms.
Single-sex sleeping accommodations are only sexist when Catholics initiate them, it seems. If others arrange them, it is wisdom.
CUA, a Pontifical University, is also being sued for being too insular, too representative ofwhat it is, and therefore not creating Catholic-Free prayer areas on its campuses.
Meanwhile, at Zuccotti Park news, plans are in the works to advance segregation, so that people can be more insular, more representative of who they are.
You can read the whole piece here.

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