Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bishop grilled over right to die

Michael Cook, of MercatorNet, posts this video clip with this comment:  One of the smartest spokesmen for a Catholic stand on bioethics is Australian Bishop Anthony Fisher. Here he is interviewed by a right-to-die activist. There are no softball questions and he hits most of them out of the park. (An analogy for American readers.)

As a commenter points out, the interviewer here is not a right-to-die activist representing a pro-euthanasia group, but the presenter for an Australian public television show.  The clip's title, "Christian churches remain opposed to assisted dying" is symptomatic of the program's bias.  The assumption seems to be that all right-thinking Australians favor physician-assisted suicide or 'assisted dying' - the irresistible tide of progress/history-on-our-side rhetoric - so why can't the churches fall in line?

Kudos to the bishop for keeping his cool and making the argument.  Let's hope that, despite the biased presentation, some Australians are listening and beginning to have second thoughts.

Bishop Fisher is author of a new book, Catholic Bioethics for a New Millennium.

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