Saturday, January 14, 2012

Five Myths About the Persecution of Christians

John L. Allen, the one and only bright spot at the wretched National "Catholic" Reporter, has an excellent piece about the NCR's and the American left's great blind spot, the persecution of Christians, who constitute 75% of all those killed because of their faith.  He exposes and debunks five prevalent myths about the topic, myths that enable the blind not to see.

Myth No. 1: Christians are vulnerable only where they’re a minority
Myth No. 2: It’s all about Islam
Myth No. 3: No one saw it coming
Myth No. 4: It’s only persecution if the motives are religious
Myth No. 5: Anti-Christian persecution is a right-wing issue
Anyone who cares about religious freedom, even for Christians, about persecution, violence, and human rights should check out Allen's piece HERE.

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