Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Perils of Polygamy

The push for same-sex marriage between two partners has led inexorably to demands for legal recognition of polyamorous or polygamous marriage.  Once marriage is no longer based on the only kind of sex capable of generating new life, it is no longer clear why it should be limited to two people.  Here Christopher Kaczor considers the damaging effects of polygamy for women, children, men, and society.  Similar considerations apply to the the growing practice of sex-selective abortion, which has led to a huge demographic imbalance between boys and girls.

The Perils of Polygamy
May 21, 2012
Recent empirical research suggests that, in virtually every respect, polygamy is socially detrimental—to society in general, to men, to women, and to children.

In the course of history, approximately 85 percent of societies have practiced polygamy. Pushed by advocates of same-sex marriage and multiculturalism, some scholars, such as the signers of “Beyond Gay Marriage,” argue that it is irrational and bigoted for contemporary society to limit marriage to just two people. However, there is no bigotry in treating different things differently, and there are many important differences between polygamy and monogamy in practice as well as in principle.


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