Monday, July 30, 2012

Abp Chaput on Growing a Culture of Religious Freedom

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia gave this thoughtful address at the Napa Institute.  He argues that "America is now mission territory. Our own failures helped to make it that way. We need to admit that. Then we need to re-engage the work of discipleship to change it."

Building a Culture of Religious Freedom (6204)
Address Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia gave at the Napa Institute on July 26.
Transcript of Archbishop Charles Chaput’s keynote address given at the Napa Institute on July 26. 
A friend of mine, a political scientist, recently posed two very good questions. They go right to the heart of our discussion today. He wondered, first, if the religious freedom debate had “crossed a Rubicon” in our country’s political life. And, second, he asked if Catholic bishops now found themselves opposed — in a new and fundamental way — to the spirit of American society.

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