Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peter Augustine Lawler, Modern and American Dignity

Peter Augustine Lawler
Modern and American Dignity: Who We Are As Persons, and What That Means For Our Future by Dr. Peter Augustine Lawler is a must have for anyone who loves to read, think…and ponder. By drawing upon the wisdom from masters like Socrates to Solzhenitsyn, Tocqueville to Chesterton, John Courtney Murray to our “philosopher-pope” Benedict XVI (which I just LOVE), Dr. Lawler uses a charming blend of wit and elegance to fashion a contemporary and relevant understanding of today’s political and moral debates, all the while leaving his “Catholic lenses” firmly in place. He is fantastic. Dr. Lawler guides us through the minefield of contemporary thinking to the heart of the dignity and value of each human person.
Kris McGregor interviews Peter Lawler. Retrieved March 12, 2011 from

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