Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starting young: Michael (Age 2) on Transubstantiation & the Hypostatic Union

After 40 years of neglect and dumbing down of catechesis in the Catholic Church, one theologian believes in starting young.

Here is the father's (Michael Barber's) transcription:

Just in case you can't make it out on the video, here are the questions and Michael's answers. And yes, I know I repeated one question twice; we got sidetracked by the ABCs (edited out). At the end, you also see Matthew (our one year old) walking around in the background with a birthday hat on, proudly proclaiming the letters of the magnetic alphabet which have been attached to the dish washer ("T!").

1. Q. What is it called at Mass when the bread and the wine turn into the Body and Blood of Jesus?
A. "Transubstantiation".

2. Q. Jesus is fully God and fully man. What is the name of this mystery?
A. "The Hypostatic Union".

3. Q. Who inspired the Bible?
A. "The Holy Spirit".

4. Q. Who is Jesus' mommy?
A. "The Blessed Virgin Mary."

5. Q. What's the name of the pope?
A. "Benedict XVI".

6. Q. Who inspired the Bible?
A. "The Holy Spirit".

7. Q. What is the source and summit of the Christian life?
A. The Holy Eucharist.

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