Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gender Craziness

Good article on gender craziness in Canada and even more, Sweden, where the drive to thwart nature and humanity pervades the whole society. 
Some good Aristotelian questions: "Does nature, itself, provide limits? Should we attempt to surpass them? ... Is maleness and femaleness a natural limit that actually facilitates human flourishing? Here we come to an interesting point. Could it be that living within certain limits is a key to happiness? Could it be that our modern denial of limits (an impulse that lies at the heart of modern liberalism) is the royal road to misery and a life of perpetual self-righteous offense?"
In the spring of 2011, articles began popping up about a couple in Toronto who were refusing to publicly reveal the gender of their baby. They named the child “Storm” and committed themselves to raising Storm without the oppressive expectations…

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